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          太阳城集团网址大全:目标 商量混淆型髋关节置换治疗老年股骨颈骨折的可行性.办法 2002年7月至2007年8月间,采取混淆型人工全髋关节置换治疗股骨颈骨折患者96例,个中陈腐性骨折44例,新鲜骨折52例.成果 术后平均随
          • 【题 名】混淆型髋关节置换治疗老年股骨颈骨折
          • 【作 者】李继锋 王晓 Ji-feng
          • 【机 构】
          • 【刊 名】《中国实用医刊》2010年 第18期 -页 共3页
          • 【关键词】混淆型 人工全髋关节 置换治疗 老年股骨颈骨折 elderly patients femoral neck fracture hip arthroplasty total hip replacement 陈腐性骨折 hybrid 随访成果 significant 统计学意义 score Harris评分 difference 新鲜骨折 术后 骨折患者 比较差别
          • 【文 摘】目标 商量混淆型髋关节置换治疗老年股骨颈骨折的可行性.办法 2002年7月至2007年8月间,采取混淆型人工全髋关节置换治疗股骨颈骨折患者96例,个中陈腐性骨折44例,新鲜骨折52例.成果 术后平均随访19个月,平均Harris评分由术前的36.8分增长到术后90.8分.新鲜与陈腐性骨折成果比较差别无统计学意义(P>0.05).结论 混淆型人工髋置换术治疗老年股骨颈骨折能达到即时稳定,短时间随访成果好.Abstract:Objective To assess the feasibility of primary hybrid total hip replacement in treating femoral neck fracture of elderly patients. Methods Between July 2002 and August 2007, ninety-six consecutive hybrid total hip arthroplasties were performed. Forty-four cases were old fracture and 52 cases were fresh fracture. Results All patients were followed up for 19 months average, the mean preoperative Harris hip score was 36.8 and Harris hip score for the last time or follow-up was 90.8.There was no statistically significant difference between fresh fracture and old fracture(P>0.05).Conclusions Hybrid total hip replacement in treating femoral neck fracture of elderly patients can achieve the immediate postoperative stability and has good short-term outcome.
          • (1) 混淆型,,人工全髋关节,,置换治疗,,老年股骨颈骨折,,elderly,patients,,femoral,neck,fracture,,hip,arthroplasty,,total,hip,replacement,,陈腐性骨折,,hybrid,,随访成果,,significant,,统计学意义,,score,,Harris评分,,difference,,新鲜骨折,,术后,,骨折患者,,比较差别
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